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About EFA

The European Fintech Alliance (EFA) was founded to give all businesses active in the Fintech sector a strong voice at the European political level. We unite the industry’s political interests and engage in the legislative processes in the European sphere on behalf of our members. We are committed to making the EU the world’s leading location for innovative financial services and to improve competitiveness and freedom of choice in an open market. Therefore, we are the first point of contact for policy-makers on Fintech regulatory issues and offer first-hand industry expertise to support the decision-making process.

We function as a strategic partner to our international members ranging from industry leaders to young businesses, from large companies to small start-ups and cover a broad variety of business areas. All members benefit from the provision of exclusive first-hand information and analyses, access to relevant decision-makers as well as strategic advice throughout the entire legislative process. In doing so, we prepare Fintechs for regulatory challenges and offer tailor-made solutions for every political matter.




Crowdfunding Platforms
Crowdfunding is becoming an increasingly important form of financing for start-ups as well as small and medium-sized enterprises (SME). It offers significant chances for businesses regarding their funding – especially in the early stages – and hereby contributes to economic growth and welfare. Even though SMEs are a driving engine of the European economy, they often lack access to finance and are consequently unable to unleash their full potential. Crowdfunding…
Regulatory Sandboxes
Regulatory sandboxes are controlled ‘safe spaces’ set up by regulators, which allow Fintechs to test innovative products, services or business models without immediately being subject to all regulatory requirements. As of today, the United Kingdom, The Netherlands and Denmark are the only European countries who have established a testing environment for Fintechs. However, with Austria being the next EU Member State to set up a regulatory sandbox in 2019 and…


Members' Benefits.


In a fast-moving world, it becomes increasingly important to be up to date at any given time. Members of the European Fintech Alliance (EFA) benefit from our holistic monitoring service, guaranteeing that you will never miss any relevant news. Moreover, EFA provides its members with early first-hand information about political and regulatory developments on EU and national level, which are key for the strategic positioning of your company.


Due to our long-standing experience in political consulting we are very familiar with the political processes and its dynamics in the European Union. We support our members when confronted with regulatory intervention and provide them with advise on appropriate communication strategies in the context of various policy issues. 


FA offers its members a platform to share valuable experiences and work on best practice approaches. Besides that, EFA helps members to connect with key regulators in the European sphere and enable them to speak directly to decision-makers at our tailored events.

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