EFA elects new Board

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European Fintech Alliance Elects New Board

Brussles/Berlin – Marcus Laube (Crossinx) has been re-elected as Chair of the European Fintech Alliance (EFA) with Cornelia Schwertner remaining Co-Chair. New to EFA’s board are Jörn Leogrande (Wirecard) and Alexander Baatz (Kontist) as Co-Chairs. At its annual members’ assembly, the Alliance has defined the agenda for the new year stressing its ambition to cement and expand its role as Europe’s strongest voice for the fintech sector vis-à-vis EU regulators.

Last week, the members of the European Fintech Alliance (EFA) elected a new board. In a unanimous vote, Marcus Laube (Crossinx) and Cornelia Schwertner (Figo) were elected as Chairman respectively Co-Chair. Furthermore, Jörn Leogrande (Wirecard)and Alexander Baatz (Kontist) were elected as Co-Chairs following Roman Keßler (Make Europe) and Sascha Bross (Holvi).

With 24 members from nine EU countries, EFA is already one of the largest associations in the sector. In the upcoming year, the board wants to extend this position and focus on membership growth, a stronger European orientation and addressing urging policy issues. “With the harmonization of the market for cryptocurrencies, for example, regulators are facing significant challenges. The EFA wants to cement its role as an expert and reliable advisor to policy-makers and support them with creating a regulatory framework that fosters innovation for the benefit of both the industry and consumers,” says Marcus Laube.

To address these issues, EFA will involve their members in issue-specific working groups to develop concrete recommendations and intensify the exchange with policy-makers. The involvement and expertise from its member companies, which face regulatory challenges on a daily basis, allow EFA to provide valuable input to regulators.

Marcus Laube: “With EFA, Fintechs have the opportunity to contribute to EU policy-making and address their most pressing issues vis-à-vis regulators. Our mission is to give the Fintech industry a strong voice in Brussels and we invite all Fintechs to join us in this quest.”

EFA Media Contact: Patrick Häuser, press@fintech-alliance.eu